Adelaide pushing for place on Formula E calendar

The city of Adelaide is believed to be actively pursuing a place on the rapidly expanding Formula E calendar in order to capitalise on the growing interest in electric vehicles.

Local paper, the Adelaide Messenger, reports that local hi-tech entrepreneur Valdis Dunis has urged the city council to ‘take an active role’ in securing the nation’s slot in the all-electric championship. A poll on the paper’s website shows early support for such an event, with 91% of the 126 votes in favour of a race at the time of writing.

Motorsport is big business in Australia. A recent survey by the Confederation of Australian MotorSport, supported by Ernst and Young, reported that the industry generated $2.7 billion for the national economy, and accounted for 16,181 direct jobs in 2013.

With Ozzie racer David Brabham rumoured to be interested in taking ownership of a team in the near future, interest in the burgeoning series down-under would certainly be nurtured by a round on the FIA Formula E calendar.

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