Formula E Manufacturers Advisory Group revealed

A number of leading manufacturers have been revealed as members of Formula E’s technological steering committee after the group’s first meeting.

Volvo, BMW and Mugen have joined the ranks of McLaren and Williams Advances Engineering to provide the organisers of the all-electric Championship with insight into how automotive industry technical development is progressing, to ensure that the sport remains relevant to roadcar technology.

As reported by, this is the first time that Volvo has been publicly linked with Formula E racing, despite having made significant strides into the electric road car market in recent month as part of its future plans.

It is believed, however, that Honda is seriously considering developing its own electric powertrain for use in Formula E in the near future, which is further supported by M-TEC Mugen’s involvement in the Advisory Group.

The Formula E Manufacturers Advisory Group will meet on a quarterly basis, collaborating with the teams on an advisory basis to support the development of the series’ roadmap for the future.

The Group’s first meeting took place earlier this month, and it is believed that other OEMs are in discussions to join later this season as the Championship increasingly becomes an attractive marketing and sporting prospect.

The 2015/16 FIA Formula E season commences on 24th October in Beijing, China.

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