F1 fans to shape sport’s future

Bernie Ecclestone has stated that he believes fans should play a part in an overhaul of F1 to provide a more entertaining package that maintains and grows the sport’s global audience.

The F1 empresario shared his thought during a joint interview with former FIA President Max Mosley on German TV channel ZDF, reiterating his belief that the Championship should tear up the rule book and start again:

“We mustn’t forget we’re in the entertainment business, so we ought to have rules the public want. We should be asking the public ‘What do you not like about Formula 1 today?’ and ‘What did you like about Formula 1 before?’”

“People will say ‘Ecclestone you’re getting too old. The young kids today are a bit different’, so we have to have a complete rethink. With these rules, it’s like an old Victorian house, where people keep doing things to it, it needs pulling down and restarting again. You can’t cross this line out, put that in place of that. It’s not what you want.”

Central to Ecclestone’s vision of the future is a move away from what he calls an “engineering competition”, towards a format that will place greater emphasis on driver skill.

By the fans, for the fans

Ecclestone’s sentiments of listening to the fans is certainly a welcome one, but it does come contrary to previous actions and statements from FOM.

Nearly three months on from the results of the 2015 Global F1 Fan Survey it would appear that no attention has been paid to the thoughts of the sport’s most dedicated followers. FOM nor GPDA, the organisation that led the survey initiative, have yet to provide any public comment or action following the publication of the results.

Let’s hope that Ecclestone’s words will spark some action.

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