In-race FanBoost welcomed by drivers

The concept of in-race FanBoost Voting has received the backing of Dragon Racing and former ex-F1 driver Jerome d’Ambrosio.

The FanBoost innovation was introduced by Formula E for its inaugural season and will evolve to allow viewers to provide a power increase to their favourite drivers as the action unfurls this year.

Today d’Ambrosio, a winner in the first season of the all-electric Championship, has come out in support of the concept and believes that it will further increase the popularity of the series with fans:

He shared his views with

“I think it is pretty awesome that the fans can watch the race live and then have a direct say in it. Maybe one of us will have some bad luck or a bad start and the fans can then help us out.”

“That doesn’t happen in other sport as far as I know, so it is unique and I think a great progressive idea for racing.

“It was already a great interactive idea and now it has taken another step and I think everyone will enjoy it. The capacity to spice up the racing will be right there for the second half of the races.”

“The other great aspect of the FanBoost now is that you get to choose when and how to use it. You can use it either with less power over a long distance or more power in a shorter distance. So I think it will be even more important in season two.”

An innovation in popularity

While FanBoost received some criticism from some motorsport ‘traditionalists’, the concept has been fundamental to the success of the sport and mirrors the ethos of fan inclusivity.

Formula E has stood out as actively engaging fans, both at events and on social media. This comes at a time when many motorsports fans have become disillusioned as more established series such as F1 have not kept pace with the burgeoning social media community.

This approach has made Formula E particularly popular with the younger population by tapping into their natural appetite for social media, with FanBoost ensuring teams and drivers engage with their supporters more regularly.

The net result is greater inclusivity and happiness for fans. A recent survey of music fans found that a retweet is just as appealing to Twitter users as an autograph (74% respectively), but fans felt that interaction with their heroes on Twitter was better as it made them feel like the artist was taking a genuine interest in them.

If you speak to any one of the fans at race events this season, you’ll quickly find that this is the same in Formula E. This is great PR for the series, great news for the fans, and a shining example to other sports who must follow suit or fall behind.

Long may Formula E keep it up!

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