F1 supplier makes Formula E customer motor

Magneti Marelli has created a customer electric motor for use in Formula E that will be made available to teams from the 2016/17 season, according to Electric Autosport.

The three-phase motor is reported to be capable of 300kw power output, offering 20,000 rpm and torque of 200 Nm – an impressive offering as team embark on developing their own electric motors for the upcoming season.

The secret project commenced over a year ago and was led by Roberto Dalla, Director of Marelli Motorsport. The Italian manufacturer’s goal is to offer a competitive motor package with integrated electrical systems, drawing on its vast motorsport experience.

This is a clear indication of the growing attention that Formula E is receiving as the sport enters its second season, as suppliers synonymous with F1 increase their interest in the all-electric series.

Magneti Marelli currently produces products for F1 cars including the Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic (MGU-K), the Motor Generator Unit – Heat (MGU-H) and played a key role in the development of KERS units.

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