Red Bull threatens F1 with withdrawal

Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss, has threatened that both Red Bull-back teams will withdraw from the sport if they are not able to secure an engine with Ferrari.

Speaking with Sky F1s Martin Brundle, Horner commented: “Probably either a Ferrari or nothing. It really is as simple as that. It’s getting very tight on time, but there is still time to do that. We’re in the second part of September now and by the end of the month there needs to be a conclusion.”

When asked what the team will do if they are not able secure Ferrari power, the Briton replied:

“Well then we have a major, major problem, because effectively we’re a team without an engine. The onus is really on the powers that be to come up with a solution or risk losing not just Red Bull but Torro Rosso as well. There is a chance, and how big that chance is depends on others. If Ferrari can supply then we’ll be fine, but if they can’t then there’ll be a major issue.”

This is a clear threat to the future of the sport, with a team aggressively stating that the series organisers are responsible for managing their suppliers. The move follows a high profile falling out with Renault, with the Milton Keynes team blaming the French manufacturer for its current lack of competitiveness – despite having won four World Championship titles together in the past.

Such an approach continues the team’s PR nightmare, which has significantly tainted the reputation of both the race squad and the drinks brand itself. Fans, sponsors and suppliers are now clearly wary of the Red Bull outfit, which has not shown a sense of fair competition this season, throwing its toys out of the pram when things haven’t gone its way.

Would Ferrari want to pair with a team that has been known to be vocal about the failure of its engine providers?

Whatever the future of the Red Bull team, it is clear that supplier issues are the responsibility of the team solely – no other team has stated that they will leave the sport because of a lack of a contract for brakes, electronics, race suits, etc.

Red Bull has made its bed. It either needs to lie in it or get a new one.

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