Ecclestone’s ‘luck’ comments hurt F1’s reputation

F1 empresario Bernie Ecclestone claims that the sport “got lucky” with the exciting race in Hungary last weekend.

Once again, one of the sports’ figureheads has generated negative PR in the wake of a positive story for F1, tainting the public perspective of the sport and its global reputation.

Speaking to, Ecclestone commented; “Do you think if we changed the rules it would be better? What do you think happened today that made the racing good? It was a very good race, the crowd was good, the Bianchi family was here. It seemed to work alright. We got lucky.”

While the race was certainly one of the most unpredictable and entertaining events of recent years, it is clear that it was the result of a number of unique circumstances.

Ecclestone’s comments come across as a negative attack on the sport’s fans, who have recently called for reform to improve entertainment, or at best appear flippant and cheapen a thoroughly entertaining spectacle.

It is time for F1’s leaders to achieve a consensus on portraying the sport in a positive light. That is not to say that they should overlook the important changes that must be made to make F1 more accessible, cost-effective and entertaining. However, for team principals and the sport’s key stakeholders to continually undermine the brand is a dangerous approach that will continue the trend of driving fans away.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is a moment that the F1 community should celebrate as a triumph for global entertainment.

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