F1 reviewing reintroduction of ground effect

Reports have emerged today that plans to reintroduce are progressing at pace as part of the F1 Strategy Group’s approach to introduce lighter, faster cars from 2017 in order to provide more entertaining racing.

It is believed that Jenson Button has endorsed the changes in aero regulations, which were raised by Red Bull ahead of last month’s discussions. The approach, which was used in F1 from the late 1960s until a ban was imposed in 1983, is employed by GP2 to make the cars less sensitive to close running behind cars in dirty air.

In conversation with Autosport, 2009 F1 World Champion Jenson Button stated that he believes that the concept would be beneficial for the show: “It’s good to see a lot of new ideas for the future – I wish they were next year rather than 2017.”

“I like the idea of making the cars lighter – they become more nimble, less lazy. More mechanical grip is always good for racing, because it doesn’t hurt overtaking. And if you’re going to work with downforce it should come from the floor rather than the wings, because you can race closer and fight, and you don’t have as much dirty air from the wings for the car following.”

Should ground-effect aerodynamics return to F1, it is likely that the concept will need to be adopted by all teams to avoid unfair advantage. However, it is expected that this will provide a greater boost for those teams with larger aero departments.

No further information has been shared on when the FIA is likely to announce the next raft of rule changes.

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