F1 format set for overhaul

Following the meeting of F1’s Strategy Group, the FIA has announced that it is reviewing ‘exciting and innovative’ changes to the current race weekend format in order to spice up the show.

Likely to take effect from 2016, plans are said to include changes to the current qualifying approach, as well as the potential for the introduction of a sprint race on a Saturday – a move that would break new ground for the sport, with only a single race per weekend being a mainstay of F1 for its full 65-year history.

In a statement the FIA said: “Several exciting and innovative changes to the qualifying and race weekend formats have been discussed and are being evaluated by FIA and FOM for a 2016 introduction.

It is clear that this has been high on the agenda for the FIA in recent weeks, with its president Jean Todt discussing the matter with Autosport: “The format of the race weekend could be improved. Whether we should have the race 10 laps shorter or longer, it’s something you can debate. Should we do a sprint race on Saturday? Why not?”

The FIA has not given an indication at this time of when plans are likely to be confirmed.

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