Honda to supply second F1 team

Honda motorsport boss Yashusa Arai has today confirmed that the Japanese manufacturer wants to supply a second team with power units in 2016 to support the development of their power unit.

While Arai has previously stated that McLaren’s size and expertise means that a single-team approach is sufficient for development, he has stated that the company is in a strong position to supply another squad. This comes amidst rumours of a new team joining the grid in 2016 or 2017 after the FIA recently opened the tender process for a new team to join F1.

When asked about the engine manufacturer’s plans, Arai commented: ““We learn a lot with McLaren. It’s very successful, and for the development we don’t need [another team] because it’s a top team so we learn enough. But for the whole of Formula One it’s very important to increase teams to make it more attractive and more competitive. I think that’s the right way to go.”

“Unfortunately I don’t have any offers right now. Maybe after the summer break, I hope someone calls me and says ‘please give me your good engine!’ Right now we don’t have it, but I hope we get it.”

“I would feel a very good feeling if some new team or newcomer says ‘Please, we want to use your engine’. I would be very happy. Do we have the power to operate everything? I don’t know. Maybe we need more time to operate more than one team. Of course, McLaren-Honda is a works team, so how we would separate that and work with another team I have no idea.”

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