FIA opens tender for new F1 team

The FIA has today announced that it has launched a tender for new teams to join the F1 World Championship, with the potential for any applicants to be on the grid as early as next season.

Recent tenders led to the likes of Manor Marussia, Caterham, HRT and Hass joining the ranks, as well as a number of other projects that failed to make it to fruition such as USF1 and the Romanian Forza Rossa project.

The move follows the recent F1 Strategy Group and increasing pressure from fans for an improved show, as grid sizes have contracted over recent seasons bringing the total number of cars for the 2015 season to just 20.

The FIA rarely opens up such tenders without genuine expressions of interest having already been registered from viable candidates. It is highly likely that GP2 team, and McLaren feeder team, ART could well be one of those to have already made clear their intentions to join the F1 ranks. It is no secret that McLaren is eager to promote ART driver Stoffel Vandoorne to a race seat, but with the current car requiring significant development both Alonso and Button are a better prospect for refining set up.

With the deadline for entries set to close on Tuesday 1st September, it is highly unlikely that a team would be able to join the grid by March 2016 without significant support for an existing F1 team.

It is likely that the FIA will only consider one entry at this stage, but I believe that another two to three teams are required to improve the show – providing that the entries are viable and the teams are competitive.

What do you think? Would more teams be beneficial for F1?

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  1. SJ says:

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  2. Yes of course more teams are beneficial to F1 especially if there as well funded as Hass F1! Would love to see a GP2 team progress up to F1 like ART were rumoured to be doing which could see Vandoorne and De Vries line up for them (no point in Magnussen imo) from as early as 2016 as they will get help from McLaren.
    More teams equals more spaces on the grid which equals more chance of talent getting to F1 even if that team folds within 5 years for example Minardi gave us Alonso and Webber, Spyker gave us Sutil love him or loath him, HRT gave us Ricciardo. It should lead to more excitement as there is more chance of somebody beating Mercs and more chances of more battles even if its at the back i don’t care, i don’t watch F1 just for the front teams i watch it for the back and midfield teams.


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