Canada to join 2017 Formula E Calendar

It would appear that the Mayor of Montreal has let the cat out of the bag, confirming what is expected to be one of two new races for the 2016/17 Formula E season.

Speaking during a press conference at City Hall, Denis Coderre, commented: “I met those in charge of the championship and for me it’s settled. It’s no longer a question of whether, but when. There will be Formula E in Montreal”.

I’m aiming for September 2017 to coincide with a big event for the 375th anniversary of Montreal. I spoke with Alain Prost, Sir Richard Branson and Michael Andretti and they were all very enthusiastic. It won’t be difficult to convince them”.

While no comment has yet been made by the FIA or Formula E Holdings, the suggested September date would likely make it the first race of the season or would mean that the championship would be extended over the summer.

The current, and first, Formula E season started in Bejing in September and will conclude in London next month.

**Initial sources claimed that the race may have been held in 2016, but it is now clear that 2017 would be the earliest feasible date for Canada to host a Formula E race

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