Over 180 cities bidding for Formula E calendar slot

CEO of Formula E Holdings, Alejandro Agag, has today revealed that over 180 cities worldwide have approached the series to enquire about hosting a race in the future.

Speaking to Autosport, Agag confirmed that despite the category being little more than half way through its first season, the global appeal of electric vehicles was so significant that cities across the globe are vying to be included in next year’s calendar:

“We have over 180 cities that have requested to have a race, and many of them are ready to pay quite substantial money for that”.

“We want to race in city centres, we want to give the message that electric formula cars are right for the cities now. It’s difficult to change the perception of electric cars, but that’s what we want to do by showing them in this context”.

In the interview Mr Agag also hinted at Singapore joining the calendar, perhaps racing on the Grand Prix circuit used by Formula 1, and with more than 974,000 vehicles on its streets and a big push for more sustainable transport the timing could be perfect for the city.

“It’s a great symbol for Formula E to race in these places, and we are proud to become part of that heritage. We come from motor racing, we are all petrol-heads, and we love Formula 1 and IndyCar, so we are very happy to be in the same places as they are.”

Mr Agag’s comments have also increased rumours that Paris may well appear on the 2015/16 calendar, as previously stated on the blog.

I previously stated that Formula E is the most marketable sport in the world right now, and today’s announcement only reinforces that given the truly staggering global demand for the sport. As Governmental legislation increasingly focuses on promoting greater sustainability and reduced carbon emissions, Formula E clearly shows the path to an exciting future.

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