Formula E layout for Monaco ePrix unveiled

The circuit for Formula E’s inaugural visit to the streets of Monaco has been unveiled today, with the race set to be run over a 12-turn, 2.76km layout.

The circuit will run from the standard F1 pit straight but will not include either the uphill section to Casino Square nor the track’s famous tunnel. The famed Swimming Pool section will remain however.

F1 Monaco race winner Jarno Trulli commented on the layout of the track in an interview with Autosport: “It takes in half of the Formula 1 circuit, which is enough for the Formula E car and I’m sure it’s going to be good for overtaking. You can see that going down into the first corner there is a hairpin, then we head rearwards down towards the tunnel, where there is another hard braking with a possible overtaking point.

“From there you head back towards Tabac and the Swimming Pool corners, which in Formula 1 were very exciting and challenging. In Formula E cars they will be slightly easier, but nevertheless still a challenge, especially the exit of the Swimming Pool, which is going to be pretty slippery.”

The race is set for Saturday 9th May and will be free to the public.

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