Ambitious tech updates for Formula E

The FIA has announced upcoming technical changes that will help advance the technology powering Formula E’s current chargers.

In 2016, the cars will receive an increase in race power mode from 150KW to 170KW, while fanboost will remain at 180KW. This somewhat nullifies the impact of the fanboost – a dynamic that has come in for some criticism for being ‘too artificial’, yet it has had little impact on the results of any races to date and is a great tool to help fans become more engaged with the sport.

To address this, fanboost will be raised to 250KW from Season 3 (2016/17), while the power output for the cars will be raised to 200KW during qualifying and the race. Such advances will also require major development in the battery department but more is expected to be announced on this soon.

This is an ambitious target for the sport but an important one that demonstrates a constant desire to ensure that Formula E remains relevant to electric roadcars both now and in the future.

It will be interesting to see the implications of these regulations updates on the tracks upon which Formula E races, as with increased power the current twisty and tight layouts may well need to be updated for longer courses. I hope that in the near future Formula E cars might be able to participate in a mini 24 Hours of Le Mans to demonstrate the increased reliability and range of electric vehicles.

Of course, the technical updates will be watched closely by a host of vehicle manufacturers, with many names already linked to the sport. As Formula E continues to push the boundaries of the technology further, it is surely only a matter of time before some of the world’s biggest brands enter the arena.

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