Formula E: A solution to the Paris pollution problem?

Rumours are abound that the second season of Formula E could feature a race in Paris, which could not be more timely given the city’s growing smog issues.

The Mayor of Paris recently called for diesel cars to be banned from the French capital by 2020 as part of its plans to reduce pollution in the city, commenting that she wanted only ultra-low-emission vehicles to have access to the centre.

In the past 24 hours alone, Airparif – the body responsible for monitoring air quality in the greater Paris region – has warned that harmful particulate levels are just dangerously shy of alert level. As a result, the authorities have imposed a speed limit of 12 mph (20kph) on motorways in the Paris area as an emergency measure to cut vehicle pollution.

In December 2014, the French Economy and Finance Minister announced that €150 million would be invested to create a national network for electric and hybrid vehicles over the next four years, building on the Autolib electric car sharing scheme. However, only 2,500 vehicles are current run under the Autolib across Paris and a catalyst is cleared required to promote electric vehicle adoption ahead of the proposed 2020 diesel car ban.

The timely arrival of Formula E in the city of love could provide the first flirtations for the French capital, setting in place the desire for a long romance with electric vehicles that will provide a sustainable future for the city.

Fingers crossed for an announcement soon.

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  1. Mark Tasker says:

    I know you have said that 180 cities have made bids to hold E1 events. Is Liverpool one of them?
    If not I can’t express may feelings that you are missing out. I have been to Monaco and Hungary they are great tracks but Liverpool has the Iconic Albert Docks plus the two tunnels of different designs. Also two fantastic Cathedrals. All of which would bring in visitors and give brilliant exposure to E1. PLEASE contact the mayors office


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